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Weixin Feng(Targy) is currently pursuing his master degree at Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center. He concentrated on Game Engineer and Game Design.
He always have the passion to create games and put his idea into the games for people to enjoy it.


Lost in Light

VR | Unreal | CMU ETC Project | C++ | BluePrint

Lost in Light is an VR game developed with Unreal Engine. Aiming to reflect light pollution issue on birds migration, our team designed the experience for player to fly as a bird through Pittsburgh and feel the difficulty of flying

Mom's coming home

Oculus VR | Unity 3D | CMU ETC BVW | C#

Mom’s coming home is a two-week project interaction game implemented with oculus VR and Unity Engine. Within the four people team, I was in charge of the role of programming and have built event system and eye following system for NPC using list data structure

Mom's coming home

Visual representation of data structure used to explain the process to fellow programmer who implement game management

Bring the Spring Back

Oculus Passthrough | AR | Unity 3D | MRTK | CMU ETC BVW | C#

Bring the Spring Back is an AR game implemented with oculus passthrough, MRTK and Unity Engine. Our team of five built the world in two weeks. As the role of programmer, I was mainly focusing on how to make the butterfly flying system

Bring the Spring Back

Designing process: controlling AI to mimic butterfly movement

Metal Conductor

Eye Tracking | Unity 2D | rhythm game | CMU ETC BVW

Metal Conductor is an eye-tracking rhythm game. The game is about guest being a duck conductor to lead four birds singing music by looking at them. We built this fun world in one week as team of five. I integrated the eye tracking system and unity 2D collision system

Mushroomy's Island

Kinect | Unity 3D | CMU ETC BVW | Festival

Mushroomy’s Island is a two-player decoration game, where players need to communicate with each other and help Mushroomy’s garden look pleasant and complete. Player one uses body language to locate and adjust the shape of the object, whereas the other player is the selector and control the menu interface


Jaba Dudu

Unreal Engine | BluePrint | C++

Jaba Dudu is a 3D single player Pong Game. The game aims to be deployed on mobile platform. The player need to gather skills and bounce flying frisbee back to survive and level up. Jaba Dudu is developed on Unreal Engine with BluePrint and C++

Listen To Me

RPG | Unity 2D | 2N Studio

Listen To Me is a RPG style indie game made by student found 2N studio. Listen To Me is still underdevelopment and successfully RPG Style Game advanced to the final round of Tencent GWB Awards in 2 month development in a ten people team. I collaborate efficiently with another programmer to finish the game in a time-sensitive situation

Listen To Me uses verbal abuse in forms of Chinese characters to mimic attacks from the surroundings when the protagonist tried to chase his dream.


RPG Maker | Individual Development + Design | UMich EECS 499

Willness is an individual RPG style game project aiming to explore people’s mental health and depict their daily life during the COVID 19 pandemic. I designed and implement the three part of story using flashbacks to emphasize the desperation of the character.


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